Zenbivy MotoBed

If you like to camp you NEED the MotoBed from Zenbivy!

Just the Facts:

The easiest, fastest, most comfortable camping bed ever designed. The Zenbivy MotoBed™ is a complete bed system optimized for car camping.  It includes everything you need (except your favorite pillow) to camp in luxury, no matter where you go.

The Zenbivy MotoBed™ is a complete system and includes:

-Rectangular Quilt

-Dual layer mattress

-Sheet with integrated hood

-Pillowcase (for your pillow from home)

-Storage and Transport Bag



Size Weight Limit Rating Comfort Rating Quilt Mattress Stored length x diameter
Large 8lb 10oz (3.91kg) 35ºF (2ºC) 45ºF (7ºC) 90” x 64” 25” x 76” 26” x 10-14”
XL 9lb 12oz (4.42kg) 35ºF (2ºC) 45ºF (7ºC) 90” x 64” 30” x 78” 31” x 10-14”



Insulation:  200g 3d XD Synthetic

Shell:  70d Nylon Taffeta, coating-free, 210T, cire 

Liner:  50d Polyester Pongee, coating-free, 300T, cire

Zippers:  YKK #5 MUSI Interchangeable coil




My Story:

We love to camp. We love all types of camping and after having the pleasure of testing out the Zenbivy bed I was really excited to try out their newest product. This is a bed designed for car camping or even crashing on a friend’s floor. It is a product that is everything you need in one convenient bundle. It is what we have all been waiting for!

The Zenbivy MotoBed is an all in one system. It comes with the sleeping pad, bottom sheet, quilt and a carry bag for the whole shebang! You can even add your favorite pillow to the mix and roll everything up for rapid deployment at the nearest campsite. Similar to the old cowboy type bedroll this thing is ready for action within seconds!  

During our last camping trip of the year I decided that I would leave the huge air mattress at home and I would test out the MotoBed. This was a quick little weekend trip to a local lake that we have come to love. I was excited for the trip and the opportunity to test a new sleep system.

After setting up the bed I was ready to hit the lake for some fishing and relaxing. The night was good to me and after catching a good haul of kokanee it was time to hit the rack. Before I left for fishing I opened the valve on the self-inflating mattress that is part of the MotoBed. When I returned to camp the pad was inflated to almost the right amount. I puffed a few breaths into the valve and then shut it.  

After my first night in the bed I was instantly in love with it. I sleep hot and I like to have my feet out when possible. I loved that I could do this with the MotoBed and still snuggle in if it got cold later in the night.

The fabric on this thing is just awesome. It is extremely comfortable! It is a bit chilly at first but once you warm it up I think you will find it to be more than acceptable. One of the features I love most is that the bed will zip up so as t o allow for a cozy night in chilly weather. There are two zippers on the shoulder area that allow for a very nice warm bed leaving plenty of room at the bottom for your feet. If you are anything like me this will be a huge win as my feet hat being cramped in a mummy bag. But if it does get cold you can snug the foot box up as well. So you really have one of the most versatile beds on the market.

The Zenbivy MotoBed is just a fantastic product for busy camper that just wants to grab and go. It’s everything you need all in one package and it works as well as you would hope it would. My whole family has taken turns using this great bed and everyone agrees it is a win for Zenbivy and for the campers of the world! 

I love this bed and have already convinced several people they need one. I think you will be more than happy with your choice if you make this purchase. 

Find It Here:

What can be done better?

Really, not much. The storage bag is a bit tricky as it tends to pop open a bit but I am told this is being worked on and should be fixed by the time production and distribution begin in March. 

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability


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